Thursday, August 20, 2009

8 questions; before taking picture..

Posted by edxaii at 12:16 AM
Well, at first I don't really know if i should go or not, but then I realize I need this class so that I would know some basic technique on photography.

Ser Potch approach us (the first timer), He ask what do we really like; Photography, vdeography or post editing. I raise my hand on photography and post editing. Actually, I also want the vdeography but I want to focus on photography.

Ser Potch metion about the "8 questions that we should ask on ourself before taking picture".
here's the list..

What story am I telling?
- What is in the background and foreground?
- Am I close enough?
- What is the main source of light?
- Is my framing straight?
- What other perspectives could I capture this subject from?
- How would holding the camera in the other format change this shot?
- How will the eye travel through this image?

And that's the 8 questions we need to consider before we shot a picture.. And it's really helpful especially for those who are just starting on photography like me.

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