Saturday, August 15, 2009


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I cannot remember my younger days that I dreamed about photography. Before I begin to love this habit, I am innocent of the word “photography”. I cannot remember the day I start capturing something. I do not even dreamed to become a photographer or should I say a professional photographer someday.

Why Mass Comm.? First, I took Mass Comm. because I want to become an actor, which I really want since I was young. I want to develop my talent; I want you to appreciate my talent, not to idolize me but just appreciate my talent, that’s what I want. Second, I want to become a writer. I want to develop my writing skills; I want to write a story that the readers will not forget until they die. I want to write a poem that will touch your heart until your mind will dry. In short, I just want to share my thoughts. I just want to write the heart of my mind to you, I am the pen and you are the paper. Third, I dream about to become a award winning “director”. :)

Photography? I am just joking at that time when I said: “Gusto ko talagang maging photographer”. I do not know what the kind of thing that comes on my mind at that time. Until I realized that I want photography, I like photography and I love photography. Photography is my LIFE, cameras is my gadget to LIVE, and art is a way to LOVE.

And then I realized, I'M CAPTURED... :)

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