Saturday, September 19, 2009

a poem for the festival

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A poem for the festival


Monday is done so tired and hard

Cause of climate change the sun act as fire

And sometimes tears fallout from above

But most of the time it’s air from the mouth of God

Tuesday came, its intlit day

P.E first always running on my way

Intlit next and I’m not late this time

But eyes and mind is close for the whole time

Most of the time I’m late, I admit

I go in this class, 30 minutes before they dismiss

And Sir Delalamon always notice

Sir, I’ll never be late again, I promise

Sir Delalamon is our teacher with eyeglass of life

He teach us about literature more than a half

For the first year, this subject is the major one

Just seat, relax, understand and done

Prelims done and this subject is the coolest one

Midterms passed by, but still this is the best one

Hope for the finals, will remain the same

Hey! Classmate for sure flat one will be our fame

It’s Tuesday, one day before CASED days

He tells us about the festival today

Prepare one poem that you will read

I prepare the “LILIBETH” but don’t know if it’s valid

“Let’s go lets climb up hill”

“It’s full of fun and full of thrill”

“Lovely things await us there”

“I don’t want to miss that fair”

“But it’s not just an easy trip”

“Every step we take mad slip”

“The road is rough as we go through”

“Hold my hand I want let go”

A poem that he made for his wife

For me, “LILIBETH” is my key to write

Having this poem in my mind

Its inspire me to a long-learning of life

Friday came and its today, and this is the best way to say


I think you’re the best teacher that I have today

Hope you understand, I stand here, I start and done

--- i made this poem for the "POETRY READING FESTIVAL" but sad to say.. di natuloy.. haay :(

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