Saturday, August 22, 2009

i love them.. :)

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- actually the pink one is not working
but its one of my favorite cellphone
that i ever had.
even though i don't actually
handle it with care,
it still especial to me.. :D

- 6120.. its china phone, worth 2,7k..
so cheap. (no money eh..)
replacement to my old one (pink)..

2. my "LAPTOP"

- TOSHIBA brand.. worth 37,995..
Actually, i did not beg my mom
to buy this one.. I'm just joking at that time
and said "ma buy me a laptop naiinggit ako kay tita lhou" then without saying anything, I got this! :)
thanks for my tita lhou who suggest my mom to
buy this one..


- since i have now my laptop..
i really need this mouse. why?
(just nothing..) wala lang.. haha

4. my "CAMERAS"

- This is EOS 20D, the EF-S 17-85mm F4-5.6 IS USM..
Since my mom work in Vietnam she buy this second hand,
according to my mom its worth 45k.
then when I search it its worth $1,998.93

So expensive, even the second hand price.
waaaahhhhh.. I don't deserve this...
(nag drama pa eh nuh?? haha)

- Nikon coolpix 5700
I don't know the price..

I always bring this one especially
if there is especial events like family day,
friends day, birthday, school events; college days.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

after the rain,,

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it's rainy day and I captured some figure around the street..

"side street water"



"find me"
[figure of man]

8 questions; before taking picture..

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Well, at first I don't really know if i should go or not, but then I realize I need this class so that I would know some basic technique on photography.

Ser Potch approach us (the first timer), He ask what do we really like; Photography, vdeography or post editing. I raise my hand on photography and post editing. Actually, I also want the vdeography but I want to focus on photography.

Ser Potch metion about the "8 questions that we should ask on ourself before taking picture".
here's the list..

What story am I telling?
- What is in the background and foreground?
- Am I close enough?
- What is the main source of light?
- Is my framing straight?
- What other perspectives could I capture this subject from?
- How would holding the camera in the other format change this shot?
- How will the eye travel through this image?

And that's the 8 questions we need to consider before we shot a picture.. And it's really helpful especially for those who are just starting on photography like me.

Saturday, August 15, 2009


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I cannot remember my younger days that I dreamed about photography. Before I begin to love this habit, I am innocent of the word “photography”. I cannot remember the day I start capturing something. I do not even dreamed to become a photographer or should I say a professional photographer someday.

Why Mass Comm.? First, I took Mass Comm. because I want to become an actor, which I really want since I was young. I want to develop my talent; I want you to appreciate my talent, not to idolize me but just appreciate my talent, that’s what I want. Second, I want to become a writer. I want to develop my writing skills; I want to write a story that the readers will not forget until they die. I want to write a poem that will touch your heart until your mind will dry. In short, I just want to share my thoughts. I just want to write the heart of my mind to you, I am the pen and you are the paper. Third, I dream about to become a award winning “director”. :)

Photography? I am just joking at that time when I said: “Gusto ko talagang maging photographer”. I do not know what the kind of thing that comes on my mind at that time. Until I realized that I want photography, I like photography and I love photography. Photography is my LIFE, cameras is my gadget to LIVE, and art is a way to LOVE.

And then I realized, I'M CAPTURED... :)


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